Concrete mixing station equipment should be selected in the massive concrete low heat of hydration, heat of hydration of cement unfocused. Mobile concrete mixing plants as pozzolana cement, slag cement, fly ash cement and composite Portland cement. Cement hydration heat of size, concentration and cement clinker component of cement fineness and particle distribution of the heat hls60 ready mixed concrete batching plant of hydration are closely related. Dicalcium silicate cement clinker (c2s fast hydration, hydration heat large; tricalcium aluminate (C3A) hydration fastest, biggest heat of hydration; the larger specific surface area of ​​cement, cement hydration speed The faster release heat concentration, it is easy to produce relatively large, more serious cracks; cement particle distribution is too concentrated, the system is difficult to compose a large continuous concrete and reasonable grading and concrete aggregate thickness of the concrete. At the micro tensile strength deteriorates. Therefore, when the need for strict control of cement hydration heat, you should review the composition and physical properties of cement, were tested to determine their availability.

Mixing station specification performance problems affecting the production process for the production of

Concrete mixing plant is a typical instance of quality and performance improvement, concrete mixing plant it produces concrete work performance mainly to ensure the absence of concrete structures forming genetic defects, thus ensuring the durability of concrete. Good performance compulsory mixer is to make uniform concrete quality, high performance, so safe and reliable conditions. So, now the question is, you want to improve concrete mixing station construction related productivity that several aspects, to be able to know what high success achieved in the development of success. First, it should give the number hot mix asphalt concrete batching plant of grout, the number of cement and more mobility. Too much, Ooze; too little, collapse. The consistency of the grout is to be controlled, grout consistency depends on the water-cement ratio. Cement ratio is small, slurry thickening, small liquidity, cohesion, good water retention. Too small to ensure the construction dense; too, concrete mixing plant to reduce the strength and durability. This time we should take into account the question of the sand ratio, grout must, sand ratio is too large, dry thick, liquidity is small; too small, grout loss segregation. A few carefully to control these processes, it is possible to function concrete mixing station to play to the maximum, so be sure to understand. Another is the rational planning grounds, rational planning is now businesses are doing, not because of something making money, they blindly go forward in this direction to squeeze in. This could lead to a lose-lose, loss of people without self-interest. Concrete mixing station industry still has great prospects for development. Hope all the agencies and managers do not blindly 50e concrete batching plant for sale follow suit, according to local conditions to manage the planning, todays concrete industry, let us set off the development of the industry in this huge influx. Road strangers constantly go beyond, innovation, concrete mixing station has formed its own unique design concept, to provide users with expert type of planning and design, in reasonable detail, the full range of production process quality control, standardized and detailed installation for users provide first-class products; a comprehensive, efficient and quick service, to provide users with a powerful device running protection and achieve win-win situation with the user!

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