Yeah. .3. I basically swiffered 75% of all the floor at Mums for an hour and twenty minutes because my iPod was dead and I didnt have my iPad and didnt really know what else to do, aha. //shot

I started out swiffering because a couple of batteries Melissa had were all corroded and I thought some of the acid might have ended up on the floor, and then I just kept going because I didnt feel like doing anything else. xD I have a blister in my right thumb because of it, aha. ^^;

My student teachers last day at our school was today. D: She said shell come visit though, so thats good. ewe We got cupcakes and starburst too, which was nice. xDD

Anyway, its ten nineteen, so I have to get off for today. ;o;

Ill try to get more written tomorrow! uvu

Night guys! :3